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We have exceptional experience in manufacturing high quality fasteners, one of our main products being sheet metal screws known for its excellent quality. Our long experience and industry know how keeps us abreast with the industry requirements and technical demands. Using high quality raw material and precision machinery we boast of best quality sheet metal screws in the industry. Available in steel and stainless steel , our screws meet the requirement of internal thread formation in soft material like sheet metal and flexibility in variety of materials including wood, fiber glass and metal.

Our diverse sheet metal screws include

  • Sharpen pan head screws are coarse-strung and are utilized in light sheet metal.
  • Gruff pan head screws are utilized for heavier sheet metal.

Both types of pan head screws are accessible with either plain or Phillips-head openings. Screws provide better quality and holding power.

Screws are accessible with distinctive coatings to dissuade rust. They are fabricated with four essential heads and various types of openings.

  1. Flathead screws are countersunk into the material being attached to, so the head of the screw is flush with (or easier than) the surface.
  2. Oval-head screws are halfway countersunk, with about a large portion of the screw head over the surface.
  3. Fillister-head screws are raised over the surface on an even base to keep the screwdriver from harming the surface as the screw is tightened.
  4. Roundhead screw lies over the surface and is not a flat screw.

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